Welcome to our new bigger website with a shorter name. www.eymet.co You can of course still find us via the eymetguide.com domain name  but we felt a shorter, easier to share web address www.eymet.co would reflect our new more portable friendly site.

www.eymetguide.com/www.eymet.co is an independent owned website created in 2004 and designed for residents and visitors to this beautiful region of France. Having found so many web sites attempting to cover large areas of France, not always that well ; we decided to concentrate on an area that we had lived in for 3 years and aim to provide a useful service to the community. Nine years later we are now one of the largest, local websites providing year-round information here on the Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne border.

Eymet, attracts a lot of attention from the UK and International press due to the large English speaking population living and visiting the area. In recent years, it has also seen many ex-pats from around the world taking residents closer to family in Britain. With excellent transport links and the opening of Bergerac airport in recent years this area draws thousands of tourists every year.

There are of course countless other web sites relating to the Dordogne/Lot et Garonne and life in France but very few professional sites providing over 200 pages of local information, updated on a daily basis.

We presently provide a local Directory, Calendar of events, Where to stay, Free Classified section and forum.

In 2013 we have re-designed the website and changed its name to www.eymet.co adding many more pages of information. The www.ledroptforum.com launched in January 2005 now has 845 members  and over 2000 topics.