Road Rules. Drive on the right in France

Speed limits UNLESS otherwise marked by signs:

Autoroute (national highway/freeway system/motorway system): 130 Km/h and 110 Km/h when raining. Many sections of the French national road network have reduced speed limits to 90 or 110 Km/h) to reduce pollution. These areas are clearly marked with speed limit signs

Expressways: 110 Km/h and 100 Km/h when raining

Two lane roads or single lane roads separated by an island: 110 Km/h and 100 Km/h when raining

Regional roads: 90 Km/h and 80 Km/h when raining

Built up areas (towns and villages): 50 Km/h

Any time visibility is less than 50m: 50 Km/h

Drinking and Driving – the limit is LOW – 0.5g/litre (U.K. is 0.8g/litre).

No drivers under 18 even with UK licence. Carte European  for emergency medical treatment. (0800 555 777)

Wear rear seat belts.

No children under 10 in front seats.

Seat belts compulsory when fitted.

By law, one red warning triangle and one high-visibility waistcoat/vest must be carried in a vehicle. In the event of breakdown the driver must put on the safety jacket before leaving the vehicle, and then place the warning triangle 30 metres from the breakdown to warn approaching traffic. Failure to carry these items in the vehicle is punishable by a fine incurred per item not carried.

The triangle must conform to EU standards, evidence for which is the stamp E 27 R

The high-visibility garment must conform to EU standards EN 471 or EN 1150, in order to conform with European Directive 89/686/EEC

Drivers are obliged by law to carry two breathalysers.

Autres Directions = other directions,

Cedez le passage = give way

Chausse deformer = uneven road/ temporary surface,

Sortie = exit,

Deviation = Diversion

Gravillons = loose chippings

Passage protage = your right of way

Peage = Toll

Priorite aux pietons= give way to pedestrians

Ralentir/Ralentissez – Reduce speed Rappel – Remember or reminder (e.g. speed limit reminder) Rids de poules = potholes

Toutes Directions = All directions

Vous n’avez pas la priorite = Give way



Make sure you have: Insurance documents, Green Card and a “European Accident Statement” form, Log Book, MOT certificate, Driving Licence, Red warning triangle, spare bulbs, first aid kit, spare cash or Eurocheques for speeding fines (credit cards not accepted), display GB sticker (at least 6.9in by 4.5in). Please use beam converters so that you don’t dazzle oncoming drivers – check your car manual for more details.

Ensure that your car tyres have at least 1.6 millimetres of tread, the AA recommend a minimum of 2mm.